Terms and conditions

Article1. General terms of rental

The car will be rented under the specific terms and conditions. The Renter is requested to carefully read the rental agreement before signing it and hereby agreeing it.

The Lessor reserves the right to refuse the rental of any car without further explanations. The Renter renting a vehicle from the Lessor must meet all the qualifications, standards and requirements.

At the time of check out (when receiving the car) the Renter must have with him the original and a copy of the passport/identity card and the driving license.

Article2. Personal data

The Renter consents to the computed storage of his personal data. The Lessor is authorized to pass such data in those cases where any statement made by the Renter at time of rental is incorrect or where Renter violates this agreement.

Article3. Renter’s age

Minimum age required is 21 years old. The driver must be in possession of a valid driving license at least for 1 year.

The license should match the class of the rental car.

Article4. Reservations

Reservations will only be confirmed free of charge for regular clients (membership from our company requested). For others the reservation will be done at the confirmation of the bank transfer in Lessor’s account for the fee corresponding to the rental period desired by the Renter.

When making the reservation please be sure that you complete the exact location where you need to have the car (full address).

For further details please contact our office.

Article5. Car availability

The cars are available in the Bucharest area and other cities upon request (for other destinations than Bucharest please contact the Lessor’s office). Within the Bucharest limits the delivery/collection of the car is free of charge.

For delivery/collection of the car in other cities please contact our office and check the “Rental rates and additional costs” paragraph.

Article6. Delivery of the car

The delivery of the car takes place at the time, date and location asked by the Renter and mentioned in this agreement with no supplementary costs within the limits of Bucharest city. The car may be delivered in other location in Romania only based on the prior approval of the Lessor and at the agreed tariff (please check the paragraph “Rental rates and additional costs”).

The car will be delivered to the Renter in good general condition without hidden or visible technical defects.

Any information concerning the car condition at the delivery time is mentioned in the technical annex. The technical annex is the only document that certifies the technical status of the car at the delivery time to the Renter. The Renter agrees to all the aspects being mentioned in the technical annex.

At the delivery time the car will be delivered with full tank as obligation of the Lessor. However please note that the fuel is not included in the agreement price and is responsibility of the Renter during the rental period.

Article7. Collection of the car

The collection of the car takes place at the time, date and location asked by the Renter and mentioned in this agreement with no supplementary costs within the limits of Bucharest city. The car may be collected from other location in Romania based on the prior approval of the Lessor and the agreed tariff (see the paragraph “Rental rates and additional costs”).

The Renter agrees to return the car in good condition. The Renter will return the car with all documents, equipments and other accessories in good condition.

Any information concerning the car condition at the collection time is mentioned in the technical annex. The technical annex is the only document that certifies the technical status of the car at the collection time.

In case of damages to the rented car (new ones- other that ones mentioned in the technical annex at the delivery time) found at the collection time and mentioned in the technical annex (even if it is not signed by the Renter or he forgets/refuses to sign it), the Renter agrees that he is responsible for these damages. He agrees to be charged with any necessary amount covering the damages conform to the paragraph “Rental rates and additional costs”.

For any delay of returning the car to the Lessor please refer to the paragraph “Conditions of use”. In case of a delay of more than 24 hours from the agreed time of return specified in this agreement, should the Renter fail to notify the Lessor by phone, fax or email, the Lessor reserves the right to call the police for car theft or embezzlement.

Article8. Across border rentals

Normally the car is not allowed to cross the border. However the Renter is entitled to use the vehicle outside Romania’s border only with the special written consent of the Lessor which has the right to change the rental payment sum, according to the destination or the number of kilometers to be driven. The Renter has the right to drive the car only on the territories specified by the Lessor. If this is the case (vehicle rented for international routes) the Renter must pay optional insurance of auto civil responsibility valid outside Romania (Green Card).

Article9. Conditions of use

The Renter is expected to look after the vehicle carefully, to check its mechanical condition, oil, water, tires etc in accordance with the technical annex at the delivery time.

Any repair of the vehicle by the Renter himself or any other party designated by the Renter is not allowed without the Lessor’s prior written consent.

The Renter should use the car accordingly to the Instruction Manual issued by the manufacturer.

The Renter agrees that the car should not be operated or driven under the following circumstances:

  • Under the influence of the alcohol, drugs or any other substances which may influence the driving abilities, affecting the concentration or the capacities to drive
  • In violation of the traffic regulations or any Romanian law
  • To push or tow any car, trailer or any other object
  • To transport passengers or goods for remuneration
  • In races, contests or tests
  • To transfer or carry heavy luggage or objects, inflammable materials, staining or badly smelling goods, narcotics etc
  • To allow the overloading of the car with the respect to the number of places or weight over the maximum limits which are mentioned on the registration for the car
  • To keep the car unlocked when not using it or to leave the car documentation inside the car
  • Outside of Romania without the advance authorization of the Lessor
  • By any person other than Renter unless such a person has previously designated and authorized by Lessor in a written confirmation
  • Driving the vehicle off road, in the mountains, on roads unmarked on the Romanian country map
  • Damage to the underside of the vehicle, to the wheels and tires and to the interior space of the vehicle (burning the chairs with the cigar, any interior cuttings etc) as has been mentioned in the technical annex at the collection time. If this is the case a special fee will be applied on the top of the specified agreement price, to cover the costs of the reparation. For futher details please see the paragraph “Rental rates and additional costs”
  • Gross negligence or willful action

The police report is mandatory in case of accident. In case of accident the Renter has the obligation to notify both the Lessor and the nearest Police station. The police will ascertain the damages and will issue a report and a repair authorization.

Insurance is only valid if the Renter obtains all the papers mentioned under the paragraph “Accidents”. Otherwise he will be held liable for the whole amount of damages and authorize the Lessor to proceed to all necessary steps in order to recover the whole amount of the damages The Renter has the obligation to keep all the documents related to the rental for a period of minimum 90 days.

The Renter shall not sell, assign or pledge the present agreement, the car, its equipments or tools or to cause any other action detrimental to the Lessor.

Any of these mentioned above, empowers the Lessor to demand return of the car forthwith.

Article10. Rental rates and additional costs

The rates include oil, regular maintenance of the car (accordingly to the Instruction Manual) and full insurance in concordance with the paragraph “General terms of insurance” and only if the Renter has respected all the condition mentioned under the paragraph “Conditions of use”.

Special equipments as baby seats and snow chains may be hired free of charge upon request.

The fuel will not be included. At the delivery time the car will be provided with full tank of fuel. At the collection time the Renter should bring the car also with full tank. For cars returned with empty/partially empty tank, the missing fuel will be charged with 1 EUR/liter.

The car will be delivered clean by the Lessor. Should the condition of the car be extremely unhygienic at the return time, a surcharge of 10 EUR applies.

Minimal rental period is 1 day (24 hours). The available periods are mentioned in our commercial offer. For long period rental, the Renter should contact the office of the Lessor.

In case of delay at the collection time, the Renter has the obligation to immediately inform the office. The first hour of delay up to the third hour will be charged at the tariff of 5 EUR/hour in top of the daily rate mentioned in this agreement. If the delay of collecting the car is more than 3 hours, a full day rental fee will be applied.

For any extra driver, a 5 EUR/ day tax will be added on top of the daily rental rates.

The rates do not include any traffic or parking fines, parking tickets, costs or taxes for any violation of traffic regulations.

The rates do not include all the amount regarding the repairs of the damages caused to the car due to improper use (please refer to the paragraphs “Conditions of use” and “General Terms of insurance”). These amounts refer as an example to the damages resulting from bad conditions of use the car, damages resulting from inappropriate maintenance of the car, damages resulting from cutting, stinging or explosion of the envelopes or tires, damages resulting from cutting/burning the interior, scratches on the body of the car or any other damage which is not covered by the insurance.

In the event of spoiling or loss of the car documents or car keys at the collection time, accordingly with the technical annex, the Renter will be surcharged with 100 EUR.

The Renter agrees upon signing this agreement that he will be charged with any amount necessary in order to cover such costs as mentioned above. The Lessor will provide the existence of such costs by official documents.

By signing this agreement the Renter consents to his credit card being debited with any amount mentioned above, regardless of the fact he is or not to be present. In this respect the Renter agrees to sign any document required by the Lessor’s bank with regard to those amounts. Should the Renter fails to compel his payment obligation in a term of 5 days starting with the date the invoice issued, he understands and agrees that he owes to Lessor due payment in value of 0.2% /day payment.

The cash payment will be accepted in EUR/RON/$. If is the case, the conversion to equivalent amount of RON, will be realized accordingly to the official BNR exchange rate of the day.

All major international credit cards (American Express, Diners Club, Eurocard, Mastercard, Visa) are accepted. Cash payments are accepted only in combination with a valid credit card.

Article11. Warranty

Upon Lessor’s request, the Renter will constitute a warranty of 300-500 EUR or equivalent. The Renter will block in his bank account at disposal of Lessor only, the equivalent of the warranty mentioned above.

This warranty will be fully returned to the Renter by the Lessor at car’s collection time if the Renter returns it in good condition, with all car’s documents, accessories and equipment at the place, date and time written in the agreement. Please refer to the technical annex for more details.

The warranty fee will not be returned if the rented car has some damages, in any case of improper usage, mentioned under the “Conditions of use” paragraph, as well as in the case of theft or embezzlement (even if it is a valid police report).

For collecting any claim regarding the customer’s failure to compel the payment obligations, Lessor is authorized by the Renter to debit the credit bankcard bank account mentioned in the agreement uo to the amount of the blocked sum containing the warranty.

In this respect, the Renter compels to sign any document required by the Lessor’s bank.

In case the Renter fails to compel his payment obligations in terms of at most 30 days from issuing the invoice, or if he refuses to sign any document with regard to the Lessor’s efforts to collect this amount, the Renter agrees that the Lessor might institute proceedings against him and obtain a judgment which represents, according to the applicable Romanian law, an enforceable title.

Article12. General terms of insurance

The car is insured for third parties liabilities only for the period mentioned in this agreement. All the expenses that may be incurred as a result of an accident are covered by the insurance policy except deductible warranty paid by the Renter.

The third party liability covers an amount of maximum 300.000 RON for cars other than the rented one involved in the accident and an amount of maximum 100.000 RON for each person with a total of 500.000 for all the persons involved in the accident.

Should the amount of the damages from the accident exceed any of the above mentioned values, the Renter is entirely responsible for covering these costs and authorize the Lessor to take all necessary measures in order to recover all costs. The insurance is only valid in good condition of usage of the car accordingly to the paragraph “Conditions of use”. The insurance coverage ends for any improper usage of the car as mentioned in the paragraph “Conditions of use”.

Damages to wheels, tires, mirrors, windows, the exterior floor or the interior or the car are not covered in any case, and if any of these damages appears, the Renter agrees to replace them or to be charged for their value, hereby authorizing the Lessor to debit his card with the necessary amount, deductible from the warranty.

The Lessor declines any responsibility for damages brought by the Renter to third parties, in case of Renter providing the Lessor with false data regarding his identity, address or validity of his driving license; in this case the Renter is not covered by the insurance policy. The Lessor declines any responsibility for objects left in the car during the rental period. The Lessor declines any responsibility for accidents which the Renter may have caused and for which he alone shall be responsible.

Article13. Accidents

In the unfortunate case of an accident, theft or damage, the Renter agrees further to protect the interests of Lessor and its insurance company by:

  • Not abandoning the car without adequate insurance for safeguarding and securing
  • Notify the Lessor by the telephone in any cases
  • To obtain the names and addresses of parties involved and of witnesses. The Renter should obtain a copy of the identity card and driving license of the third parties involved in the accident

After the accident the Renter must fulfill also the Accident Report Form of our company and to deliver it to the Lessor.

The following documents must be obtained from the nearest Police station immediately after the accident or theft of the vehicle:

  • The Police report with the signature of the Police officer issuing the report and the stamp of the Police station. The report should contain the specification of driving/not driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • A copy of the RCA insurance and a copy of the identity card of the car both from the third part involved in the accident.
  • Repair authorization with the signature of the Police officer issuing the document and the stamp of the Police station.

Without the Police report, the Renter is fully responsible for the costs of repairs.

Article14. Breakdown and malfunction

In case of problem with the rented car please call our office (24/24 hours) immediately. We will try to replace your car as soon as possible. The Lessor should be however discharged of any clear obligation if no car is available at that time or if the malfunction is due to operating the car out of the normal conditions of use specified under the paragraph “Conditions of use”.

If the malfunction is not caused by an improper use of the Renter, and if the Lessor cannot offer another car or any other support, the Lessor will return the equivalent money for the period remained in the contract.

Article15. Garage

The Lessor garage is located in Bucharest, Str. Doamna Ghica, Nr. 1, Sector 2 (address)

You can reach us under the following numbers 021-2431827 (fix phone)

or +4 / 0724 20 50 80 (mobile phone- 24/24 hours).

Article16. Validity

No amendment or term and condition of this agreement are valid unless reduced to writing. The rights of the Renter mentioned in this agreement are valid for the rental period only, and may be extended thereafter only by mutual written consent of the parties.

Article17. Jurisdiction

This agreement shall be governed and constructed in accordance with the Romanian law. Any dispute that arises between parties related to the interpretation or application of this agreement shall be referred o Bucharest Court of Law.

Article18. Disclaimer

The Renter agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Lessor from and against any and all claims and actions of whatever nature and however arising, directly or indirectly arising from or occasioned by the performance of the present agreement.

The Lessor cannot be considered responsible for any failure of performance of the car, lost or destroy of any personal objects of the Renter lost in the car, damage to the vehicle and/or its passengers due to the accident, theft or force major.


Description Prices
Missing fuel 1 EUR/liter
Lost of car’s key 100 EUR
Lost of car’s documents 100 EUR
Interior deterioration (burning of the chairs, cuttings etc) Variable on Lessor
Unhygienic condition of the car at the collection time 10 EUR
Delay at the collection of the car (1-3 hours) 5 EUR/hour
Delay at the collection of the car (over 3 hours) 1 extra day charged
Extra driver 0 EUR/day
Warranty 300-500 EUR upon Lessor’s request

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